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Good writers will make you forget you're reading, caught up in the stories and characters. For the New York Times, Condé Nast Portfolio, Inc., Fast Company, The Industry Standard, CNN and others, as well as for business clients, my entire career has been focused on creating just such engaging and seamless experiences, from the stories I write to the brands I support. Contact me to learn more. 

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Though his wealth is certainly no secret, the world's fourth richest man remains an enigma. Paul Allen made his fortune as Bill Gates's partner in Microsoft, supplemented it with questionable, though often profitable, venture capital schemes, and has since invested his wealth in a widely divergent list of interests. In The Accidental Zillionaire, Laura Rich, one of the foremost chroniclers of the Internet economy, unravels the secret Paul Allen, his inner motivations, his vision, and his personality. Read more

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This is no ordinary tale of a dot-com gone bad. From its start in 1999, Stan Lee Media was something more -- and less -- than an online entertainment firm. Its suite of offices in San Fernando Valley was home base for the business dealings of Peter F. Paul, an ex-con and disbarred attorney with a fondness for celebrities. Paul's dalliance with Hollywood began with Jimmy Stewart and peaked at a star-studded fundraiser he helped produce for the Clintons... Read more on


So-called "successful" entrepreneurs -- those who see an exit for their business -- are a lesser-known segment of the mental health population. They are misperceived as "winners," who have crossed the "finish line," that goal in entrepreneurship of attracting a buyer and cashing out, free to sail off into the sunset... Read more on


For three years, I interviewed many of the top names in global business about the state of their companies and industries: Sumner Redstone, Barry Diller, Ron Burkle, Susan Lyne, Scott McNealy, Carol Bartz, Dell's Kevin Rollins, Boeing's Harry Stonecipher, TiVo's Tom Rogers, Palm Pilot's Ed Colligan, Halliburton's Dave Lesar, and many more. Read more in the New York Times


Pivots are something of a rite of passage for startups. Giants like Slack, PayPal, and Instagram all pivoted their way to unicorn status. However, a radical redirection of a startup is hard to embrace and even harder to pull off. The stories of these founders offer lessons on when a startup may benefit from a pivot and how to navigate it successfully.. Ghostwritten piece for Silicon Valley Bank

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“The pandemic hasn’t just increased a collective appetite for remote work,” says Jim Alkove, chief trust officer at Salesforce. “It’s reshaped traditional views of work-life balance. The tools of productivity need to reflect that.” Here are four ways to keep your work-from-anywhere employees satisfied and productive. Read more on Endpoint


For content creators and marketers, 2020 has been a turning point long in the making. Cord-cutting and the rise of over-the-top platforms have created a category of “unreachables” that new forms of content and marketing may help to capture. Barriers of entry are coming down and fragmentation is going up. Here are some of the trends to watch. Read more on P&G's Signal360


Change the words “contact tracing” to “location marketing” and even the most seemingly invasive technologies become almost commonplace. The difference is a matter of perception and at the heart of the debate are tradeoffs between privacy, data, and control that have been raging well before the pandemic. Read more on P&G's Signal360

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